Comments on Body Panel Vendors

by Robert

I've purchased the following replacement parts

from Das Bulli Haus:
replacement bed panels

from Wolfsburg West:
right and left outer rockers
left inner rocker
left rear jack point
hinge carrier for engine lid

from BFY Obsolete:
right & left cargo floorpans

I would stay away from BFY (BFY Obsolete Parts). The panels were o.k., but their shipping practices leave a lot to be desired. The panels came with several of the corners bent up because they weren't packaged right. The replacement bed panels from DBH (Das Bulli Haus) were nice, but no big deal. Of course we're talking basic 15" x 59" corrugated panels, not real complicated. The rockers, hinge carrier and jack point from WW were nice too. They were the proper length, size, shape, quality and fit fine.

I always price check between WW and DBH and usually DBH is quite a bit more expensive. Some items are less but only by a coupla bucks. When DBH is more it is usually by a lot, like 30% to 90% (??).

As far as rockers go, if in the future I need to purchase more (for another bus of course) I'd get mine from Wolfsburg West. They are less expensive and they ship a lot faster.

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