Adventurewagen and Safare Campers Compared

by David Schwarze

What exactly is the difference between an Adventure Wagen and a VW Safare? I would assume the manufacturers to start but after that what?

Adventurewagen and Safare both took plain VW busses from the factory and equipped them for camping. They had a similar style of foldout bed - a very nice design (I think) which folds up into a U shape, unlike the Z-bed in the Westfalia. They were both very well equipped, with most of them having stoves, sinks, 12/110v electric refrigerators, onboard propane tanks, and dual batteries. Most had upper beds as well so they could sleep two adults and one large or two small children.

Differences that I know of:

Adventurewagen had several styles of highroof, some with crank out windows and a window in the back - as far as I know, Safare had only one style which had sliding windows with screens and no window in the back.

Adventurewagen had a different cabinet behind the driver - theirs had a unit with a stove and a cabinet above. Safares had a closet and sink with the stove being behind the passenger seat with the fridge.

Safare used cheap, thin, medium colored wood paneling. Adventurewagen used darker, more quality-looking paneling. I haven't looked at it closely but I think it may be formica over particle board.

That's all I can think of offhand. I am really not that familiar with the different models of Adventurewagen so it's kind of hard to compare them. If I could see an Adventurewagen I could tell you the exact differences from the Safare.

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