Dormobile Campers

by Susan Crandall

Our favorite feature that was first available in 1962 is the Dormobile sleeping top. This is a fiberglass poptop manufactured in England and installed at the Westfalia factory. Rather than popping straight up it elevates to the side.

Usually the hard side of the top was on the driver's side and the red and white horizontally striped (green and white) tent side was to the double doors. The hard side of the top had two operable fiberglass vents and two flat windows.

Level with the roof of the bus are two cots that fold out from each side. The cots will hold an adult but aren't really very wide. The increased head room and walking room is fantastic and personally we can't live without it anymore. Dormobile also manufactured their own version of a camper with a very rustic kitchen across the back and four unique swivel/reclining/fold down seats in the cargo area of the bus that make two beds or connect to be a large bed or can be removed completely. For a company with such a great top I never figured out their spartan camper.

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