Plastic Molding for Westfalia Interior

by to Rick Fabulous and Brian Hoare

Way back last year sometime, one of the T2 listees went on a hunt for that plastic edging that goes around the furniture on Westies. As I recall, the person said they located a place that not only sold in bulk for cheap, but one could get the trim in a variety of colors.

Rick Fabulous responded:

That would be Outwater Plastics Industries 1-800-631-8375

They'll send you a free catalog about an inch and a half thick. The T-molding comes in 250 foot rolls, minimum. They've got all kinds of other stuff, from doorknobs to two foot high statues of Michelangelo's "David." I got the catalog for the T-moulding, but wound up buying a thousand bucks worth of halogen light fixtures, transformers, and touch dimmers for my house!

Brian Hoare writes:

The Woodworkers' Store (800)279-4441 - 24 hrs a day

Plastic T-molding: 12 foot roll is $4.99, 100 foot roll is $24.99 3/4" wide.

12 foot roll is $6.49, 100 foot roll is $24.9913/16" wide

Both widths come in tan, brown, black, and white. The catalog says the 3/4" width is for plywood, and the 13/16" width is for laminated sheet goods. I think the 3/4" width is probably what you want. You will also need a slot cutter for a router to cut the groove to install the T-molding. They sell these also for a 1/4" shank router.

48876 for a 1/16" kerf (for 3/4" molding) - $24.99
95332 for a 5/64" kerf (for 13/16" molding) - $26.99

The part numbers for black 3/4" T-molding are 27201 & 91728 for the 12 ft and 100 ft respectively.

Prices were from my Fall 1997 catalog. Order a catalog before you buy and you will see a picture and the same description as above.

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