'68-'79 Westfalia Interiors

compiled by Ron Van Ness

This is a work in progress. If you have good photos of a '68-'79 Westfalia interior that is not identified here, please contribute them to this page. You will be credited with the photo.

'68-'72 "European" Westfalia (model S0-69) with Sink, stove and Electrolux propane refrigerator behind a front bench seat cab. Some buses fitted with this interior originally did not have a front bench seat. In these cases an adapter bracket was used at the factory to allow installation of a 2/3 passenger seat in the cab.

Euro Westy 1

Euro Westy 2

'74-'75 Westfalia:

'74 Westy 1

'74 Westy 2

Marcus Schaper writes:

"My German 74 has a similar interior to the 74/75 on the picture. Differences: Orange plaid, Cabinet behind sink extends all the way up, blocking part of the side window (inside hanging space, accessible from the rear). There is also a small bench between the folding bench and the driver's side cabinet, providing a vented (through the floor) cabinet for 2 propane bottles. It also has a trap door in the floor between bench and fridge, providing access to a an under floor mounted LP heater. On later German campers (76-79, I believe) you have the sink, where the fridge is on the 74, and a cooker that folds down from the driver's side cabinet, blocking the walkthrough when in use."

'76-'79 Westfalia:

Note: round table top custom? (table top typically square).

Late Westy

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