'65-'73 Westfalia Interior Interchangeability Notes

by Michael Heron

Note: I have checked the part numbers in my Westy part manuals to ensure that the following parts are interchangeable.

In restoring my 65' westy back to as original as possible, I have made a few insights as to the interchangeability of pre and post 67' Westies. As the van changed from the split window to the bubble window the westy interior changed just enough to make it infuriatingly not interchangeable. For example, the coldbox from a bubble window camper is approximately 2" taller than the coldbox for my 65' Westy, and therefore not interchangeable without major surgery. Thus anytime I find any interchangeable parts I am just a little bit tickled.

Here are my findings on interchangeability between my 65' Westy and bubble window Westies (up to 1973):

  1. The wood grain on the cabinets stayed the same from 65' (maybe back to 64?) up until 1971)

  2. That now famous yellow vinyl that covered the camper seats remained the same from 65 (maybe 64?) up until early 1973. Obviously the shapes of the seats etc. changed.

  3. The yellow and brown checkered curtains stayed the same from 65 (maybe 64?) up till 73'. The curtain material on the bubble windows was designed to cover up longer side windows, so some cutting needs to be done to fit a split, but finding this material in half decent shape is an accomplishment!

  4. The small washer like thing that site recessed in the floor that the leg of the dining table screws into the same remained the same from 65' to 72.

  5. The beige metal "securing snaps" that hold all of the cabinets remained the same from 65' to 73.

  6. The engine access hinges remained the same fro 64' to 74' (I know I am repeating myself).

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