1972-1979 Type IV Engine Bus Timing Marks

by Steve Dolan

Hunting the Elusive Timing Mark!

One of the most frequent of questions on the type2 list, right after, "What kind of tires should I buy?", is, "Where is the timing mark on my type IV engine??"

This page attempts to provide an answer to that question. If you can't find it using this system, please write to me.

First, the timing mark is *very* small! I tend to look less with my eyes and more with a fingetnail. It is located on the forward rim of the pulley that runs around the edge of the fan at the rear of the engine. The first step is to locate the notch in the hub of the fan. this notch is pictured below.

Once you have found the notch follow a line from the center of the hub, thru the right (clockwise) edge of the notch out to the rim. You may find marks there. These were put there by a PO and are *not* the timing mark, but are a good indication that you are in the neighbothood! :-)

As I said above, I find that the easiest way to find the notch is with my fingernail. Turn the fan until the notch is at the 3:00 position (pointing to the right). then trace a line out from the hub and run your fingernail along the forward face of the pulley. When you find the timing mark, *PUT A SPOT OF PAINT ON IT!!!* A picture of the timing mark is shown below, FYI:

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