[T2] Has gauge

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Sun Dec 1 11:16:36 MST 2013

From: "Michael Howe"
>  With key on and
> one terminal grounded and the other hooked up, should the gauge register
> when moving the float up and down

here is a link to help you.. http://type2.com/library/misc/vwggauge.htm

you don't need the engine at all.. the fuel gauge is independant.

you do need the battery connected.... so the dash lights work... sender 
 It is VERY IMPORTANT that there is a ground to the vibrator/dash chassis 
for correct operation, so if you are doing this out of the vehicle, make 
sure you connect a ground to the dash. You can use a chassis ground, but 
make sure that the dash is grounded.

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