[T2] Has gauge

Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 15:39:16 MST 2013

Scott '74 Bus' Busby impeccably schematic'd:
>The float just moves a variable resistor. The gauge translates that
>resistance into a needle reading on a scale.

	This is why, as pointed out earlier, no engine is needed to 
test the fuel gauge/sender.

>  There's also a funny
>"vibrator" thing at the gauge which keeps the needle from sticking.

	Now he tells me already!  This is why mine stuck at 1/4 
evoking our recent strand ' fuel gauge unreliability'.

	We seem to have drafted a warning not to trust these gauges 
-  keep a record of odo at last fill, and if nec'y sub-fill volumes.

	Now what can we learn please about this "vibrator"?  I don't 
dare to search on that term :-[  - can we not find a different name? 

Robt Mann
'73 Devon

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