[T2] Gas gauge

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Sun Dec 1 15:58:33 MST 2013

:-0  the vibrator is actually an electrical mechanical switch that regulates 
the voltage to the gauge, and in doing so.. it sort of buzzes ... or 
some ingenious electronics wizard figured out how to make one from solid 
stage device .. and they stuck in a zener diode to regulate the voltage. 
altho that style doesn't vibrate... but it still keeps the needle from 
getting stuck !  ;)

remember the old generator voltage regulator... same thing ,, a coil that 
moves a switch .. which opens and closes the circuit to keep the voltage 

sooo... it is a stabilizer... regulator,,,

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From: "Robert Mann" <robtmann7 at gmail.com>
> Now what can we learn please about this "vibrator"?  I don't dare to 
> search on that term :-[  - can we not find a different name? :-D

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