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To check the complete gas gauge system, with the exception of the sending 
unit. Unplug the connector at the sending unit, and using a digital VOA 
meter check voltage across the plug. With the key on, engine off, it should 
read 10.2 to 10.5 volts. Anything under or over this value, replace the 
voltage stabilizer and retest. This checks the continuity of the complete 
electrical system of the fuel gauge circuitry for continuity. If after 
checking the circuitry, you can check the gauge itself by either using a 
variable resistor to ground the power lead to the sending unit and check for 
movement at the gauge. There is a VOA tool for this but I don't remember the 
number. (ANYONE?). If the gauge moves, and the voltage is right, replace the 
sending unit and you should be up and running. If you can get a loan to fill 
the tank!

This is way to much mind work after a holiday weekend of adult beverages


 system, short or the sending unit.
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> :-0  the vibrator is actually an electrical mechanical switch that 
> regulates the voltage to the gauge, and in doing so.. it sort of buzzes 
> ... or vibrates,
> some ingenious electronics wizard figured out how to make one from solid 
> stage device .. and they stuck in a zener diode to regulate the voltage. 
> altho that style doesn't vibrate... but it still keeps the needle from 
> getting stuck !  ;)
> remember the old generator voltage regulator... same thing ,, a coil that 
> moves a switch .. which opens and closes the circuit to keep the voltage 
> stable..
> sooo... it is a stabilizer... regulator,,,
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>> Now what can we learn please about this "vibrator"?  I don't dare to 
>> search on that term :-[  - can we not find a different name? :-D
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