[T2] Gas Gauge

Michael Howe dedhammike at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 12:01:21 MST 2013

Thanks to all on my gas gauge issue.  Very descriptive test procedures.
Now just need to find the time to test it.  In my case, I had a 73 with the
old style sending unit with the 5 screws holding it on.  Does not appear to
have a vibrator mounted under the dash.  I replaced the tank with a newer
one that has the twist-in sending unit.  Checked under the dash on that
donor bus and found what appears to be the vibrator, with a male and female
spade terminal along with a short jumper wire.  They had it just jumped to
itself, doing nothing.  I'll check it out, hook it to the back of the gauge
cluster, make sure that it is grounded and wire it in between tp1 and tp2.

Mike Howe
dedhammike at gmail.com

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