[T2] Key won't turn?

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Tue Dec 3 05:20:13 MST 2013

I finally got my '78 bus back from California. We were not able to drive it,
like I had hoped. My wife and I just couldn't find the time where we both
could take two weeks at the same time. 


I had it shipped back - and they did some damage to the hatch. It looks like
another car hit it up high. I'm going through a claim process right now. 


But - the reason I am writing in today - I am having a bugger of a time
getting the key to turn. I wiggle and jiggle the steering wheel all over the
place, and the key won't turn. I am scared of breaking the key in the
ignition, so I'm not using too much pressure. I have 4 copies of keys, all
have the same problem. This is the original ignition, and the bus is all
keyed the same - as original. So I have a one key bus (actually 2-key, as it
has a locking gas cap). I love having a one key bus, and am nervous about
losing that.


My wife said she had the problem when she started the bus before loading it
onto the mover, so I know they didn't damage the ignition. I'm wondering if
someone else put the key in backwards and turned it, causing a problem? I
had the bus stored at a friend's, but I think they probably only drove it a
couple times. 


Any suggestions on addressing this? I'm thinking it is part of the ignition
lock thing. I need to get the bus over to my body shop to get an estimate
for repairs, for the claim. 




-Kevin Guarnotta

Jamaica Plain, MA


'78 Westy

'69 Singlecab

'65 Ez-camper



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