[T2] Key won't turn?

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Tue Dec 3 06:34:40 MST 2013

I tried that graphite spray lube. Still won't turn.

It looks like to pull the lock cylinder requires taking the whole pod off
the steering wheel, right? Can these cylinders be rebuilt? I know my '65
ignition is not designed to be rebuilt. 

-Kevin Guarnotta
Jamaica Plain, MA

'78 Westy
'69 Singlecab
'65 Ez-camper

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Graphited Lock Fluid, little blue bottle most any FLAPS or hardware store.
Just shake it, squirt in in the key slot and on the key.

To maintain the one key system, pull your lock cylinder and take it to a
locksmith to have it rebuilt.

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