[T2] Key won't Turn

doktortim at rockisland.com doktortim at rockisland.com
Tue Dec 3 07:59:44 MST 2013

> I forgot to ask - if the ignition switch has gone bad, and I need to
> replace
> it, how do I make sure I am getting a compatible one?
> In other words, is the '78 a specific year, or which years will fit? How
> hard is it to replace?

The replacement switches come as one kind. Will do the job for all the
Loafs. The earlier models will not use one of the wires. The same switch
was used in many of the VW models of the era.

The later steering wheels will generally pop off without much problem. The
earlier ones require the spezial puller or maddeningly spezial technique
to get off without damaging the wheel.

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