[T2] Key won't turn?

doktortim at rockisland.com doktortim at rockisland.com
Tue Dec 3 08:06:36 MST 2013

> I tried that graphite spray lube. Still won't turn.

You are going to need a locksmith that knows Euro locks. I would remove
one of the good cylinders as well so he has a sample. When the get that
bad it suggests that one or more of the pins has gone cock eyed due to
wear of the pot metal housing. You will likely need a new cylinder to be
keyed to your key, or just accept a different key for the ignition.

> It looks like to pull the lock cylinder requires taking the whole pod off
> the steering wheel, right? Can these cylinders be rebuilt? I know my '65
> ignition is not designed to be rebuilt.

Yes, must remove the steering wheel and the pod to get the cylinder out.
Only a locksmith can confirm if it is rebuildable, though once you get it
out you may be able to see that it is obviously worn all to hell as the
pins and springs fall out.

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