[T2] Key won't turn?

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Tue Dec 3 08:59:27 MST 2013

Hi Sean,

Sorry I don't know the correct language to use here. There is the thing you
put the key in - that is called the ignition, right? Then on the underside
of this is an electrical part, that is called the ignition switch? If the
ignition switch is bad, that can make it so you can't turn the key?

Am I understanding what I'm looking at as far as replacing the ignition - I
need to pull the steering wheel, and then the pod that has the turn signal
and wiper stalks on it, to be able to remove the ignition & ignition switch?
Or is there an easier way to remove it. 

Thanks again to all for their help and suggestions...

-Kevin Guarnotta
Jamaica Plain, MA

'78 Westy
'69 Singlecab
'65 Ez-camper

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The switch is universal with most Volkswagens vanagon scirocco rabbits bug
ect. Part number is 171 905 865my. Very easy to replace as for the lock
cylinder this guy repairs cylinders and matches keys.

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