[T2] Key won't turn?

Richard Jack richardhjack at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 10:47:39 MST 2013

I have the same problem with my key. I can't seem to find the parts I need,even on the samba. So, I'm going to have to pull the whole cylinder and install a after market key/switch.  

Just a couple weekends ago, I got stranded a couple hours from my house, on a camping trip.  Key would turn just enough to unlock the steering column.  I made a jump wire from the battery to the coil and jumped the starter with a screw driver.  Got me home.  We replaced the key portion but not the cylinder.  Now the key turns all the way.  Will give power to the coil, but not to the starter.  Talk about frustrated.  Did all this without being able to get my steering wheel off.  Now the key won't come out.  So I can turn the key on, jump the starter and drive, but I'm so frustrated with the whole situation.  I'm by passing all of it.  No worries, I'm not cutting extra holes.  Nothing that can't be undone.  

1974 Westy
Lubbock, Texas

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