[T2] EGR and cold valve gasket

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 14:43:55 MST 2013

Chris, for the cold start any good gasket material (get a set of various thickness Felpro sheets from any local auto parts store, sheets are better than rolls, after 10-15 years (which it will take to use it) rolls get to be hard to unroll.)  For the EGR, if you mean up at the valve, or probably the ones at the engine tin, you can honestly likely use any regular gasket material there as well, as it is "cold" by the time it gets there.  But for the connection at the EGR filter to exhaust you need something that can take heat, graphoil being what you need to find, and it is getting tough to find.  Good older auto parts stores will sometimes sell it as sheet exhaust gasket material, but it isn't common anymore.  The best gasket for the exhaust to the EGR filter is a piece of 0.040" annealed copper with no hole in it...  That way your engine is preserved, and all looks intact, and certainly you can use anything you want anywhere else on the not flowing


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Subject: [T2] EGR and cold valve gasket

Hi guys ,
I am ready to put my engine back but ... I need some stupid EGR and cold 
valve gasket.
Can't find them (well the EGR gasket is $20 on ebay !!!  :-(
Does anyone knows where to find them or which material I should use to 
cut them.

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