[T2] Key won't turn?

Scott Busby swbusby at gmail.com
Tue Dec 3 19:18:50 MST 2013

I had to replace my ignition switch a couple years back when it shorted
out. I bought a new switch, took it apart, put my old key in and filed down
all the little brass bits that the key pushed out into the outside of the
tumbler. When I couldn't feel the slightest trace of brass sticking out
when the key was in, I put it back together and it has worked great with my
old key ever since.
It's not what I would call a professional job, because at least TWO keys
now work in my ignition. But if you stuck a random VW key into it, it would
most likely push out at least one of the little brass bits, which would
prevent the key from turning. If I were to do this trick a couple more
times on this same switch, then all the brass bits would be filed down too
far, and any key would work.

Scott B
74 Bus

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