[T2] Key Won't turn

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Tue Dec 3 20:01:46 MST 2013

Thanks for all your tips - and special thanks to Richard Atwell - the write
up on removing the ignition is spectacular. It took something that would
have taken me about a day, a lot of second guessing, and a lot of damage to
parts, and made it relatively simple 1 hour operation. The hardest part was
the fact that my printout of the webpage got cut-off, so I had to keep going
back and forth into the house to read the pages, and refer to the pictures


I've got the ignition out. I'm getting a used one, meanwhile, I'll see if I
can get this one rebuilt so I can have a one key bus again. 


-Kevin Guarnotta

Jamaica Plain, MA


'78 Westy

'69 Singlecab

'65 Ez-camper



From: Steve [mailto:vwcarlocks at hotmail.com] 
Subject: RE: Key Won't turn


The ignition lock in that van is serviceable.  There are a number of
aftermarket switches available if that is the problem.  There are also some
aftermarket ignition locks available, but they use a different type of key
that cannot be matched to your existing lock.  On a good note, I've only run
into 1 ignition lock of that type that I couldn't resurrect.
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