[T2] Gas gauge

Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 01:24:06 MST 2013

	Thanx for these insights.  I'm sure I'm not the only one 
ignorant of this device within the VW gauge/sender circuit.

>:-0  the vibrator is actually an electrical mechanical switch that 
>regulates the voltage to the gauge, and in doing so.. it sort of 
>buzzes ... or vibrates,

	I've never heard such sounds from my dash; but that may be on 
account some other sounds are swamping them :-|

>some ingenious electronics wizard figured out how to make one from 
>solid stage device .. and they stuck in a zener diode to regulate 
>the voltage.

	My primitive grasp of electronics implies this would be a key 
device (when it became available  -  late 1960s?) in voltage 
stabilisation lately.  But how will V-stabilisation prevent sticking 
of the fuel gauge?

>  altho that style doesn't vibrate... but it still keeps the needle 
>from getting stuck !  ;)

	What is the cause of the sticking??  I am still sore at what 
it cost me.

>remember the old generator voltage regulator... same thing ,, a coil 
>that moves a switch .. which opens and closes the circuit to keep 
>the voltage stable..

	I hate those devices, which have caused me many frustrations 
esp on Jawas (notorious PAL electrics) but also Lucas The Prince of 
	I still don't really understand the bastards, but they are 
not merely V-stab.  They somehow take account of the voltage 
'currently' <:-|  across the battery, don't they?
	I can see the sods now: a L-shaped 'soft iron' "armature" 
trembling according to the A in a solenoid, making/breaking a pair of 
points which arced, soon wrecking themselves by transfer of material 
across the points, esp if a mysterious wire-wound resistor were 

>sooo... it is a stabilizer... regulator,,,

	The Lucas & PAL regulators purported, I believe, to regulate 
the V presented to the battery from the generator.
	How could such a complex high-maintenance electromechanical 
device be reqd for a humble 12V gauge?
	Anyhow, I have found it in the official 'Bentley' schematic 
for 1973; a 'points' symbol in series with the gauge.


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>>Now what can we learn please about this "vibrator"?  I don't dare 
>>to Search on that term :-[  - can we not find a different name? :-D


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