[T2] Dipstick Oil Temp Sender Now Avail.

The Bus Depot type2 at busdepot.com
Wed Dec 4 17:43:21 MST 2013

I thought I'd mention these because I think a lot of list members could
benefit from these...

For roughly 30 years Gene Berg offered a simple oil dipstick that replaced
your stock dipstick and made your existing red dash light flash and then
turn on solid if your oil temp got too high. This was a elegantly simple
(and cheap) way to keep tabs on your engine temp without having to install a
gauge. Just replace your stock dipstick with this one and hook up a single
wire. Unfortunately Gene Berg stopped selling them a couple of years ago.
I'm happy to report that we are now offering them, sourced from the original
U.S. supplier. IMO every air cooled VW should have one of these (unless of
course you're already running a gauge or similar substitute).  It could save
your engine.

http://www.busdepot.com/gb227   (Bus thru '71, plus Beetle; a few on hand
now and more coming in about a week)

http://www.busdepot.com/gb228 ('72-79 Bus)

- Ron Salmon
  The Bus Depot, Inc.
  (215)  234-VWVW

Toll-Free for Orders by PART # :  1-866-BUS-DEPOT 

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