[T2] Question on replacing a 1600 engine.

C. Dreike c.dreike at verizon.net
Wed Dec 4 21:12:55 MST 2013

You could give Old Speed a try. May not be the bottom dollar guy, but 
I hear that they are reliable. Another possiblity is a Scat 0 mile 
engine.  YMMV


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In central Los angeles area and need a replacement engine. 71 1600 T2.

Any opinions on where (many air-cooled mechs have retired within 20
mile radius).
Any opinions on what? 30 yrs ago  had a GTX which didnt last . A
local non-vw mech has made an offer, but he would purchase through a
Any news on the new engines  from Mexico?

needed sooner than soon. Can't rebuild this one, and need a quick
switch as it's daily driver.

- John.K

71 westy
based in So. CA

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