[T2] Sometimes I'm a bonehead

Lourd Baltimore lourd_baltimore at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 10 00:52:15 MST 2013

I just got a new (to me) engine in my bus.  Ran fine on the way home.  Ran great even.
This morning I get up and I'm a bit more groggy than usual and start my nice 6:30 commute to work.

I like 6:30.  No traffic, I get to work at 7:00 and done at 3:00 which means very little traffic compared to rush hour.

However, the bus seems a bit sluggish and I'm thinking that I need to check this out when I get to work.
Then I notice a slight burning smell, that passes and I figure maybe it's just the heating exchangers burning off the last of whatever.

I'm heading into the village just before I get to work.  So I go to slow down and...brakes almost go to the floor before I get very little brake pressure!

I'm thinking "crap-crap-crap-crap" and also breathing a huge sigh of relief that there is no traffic in front of me. 

I try the e-brake.  IT'S ALREADY ON - FML. FAIL.

So I go to pump the brakes and finally I get some pressure after a few quick pumps.  So that's how I finish up the drive - pumping brakes.

So, I left the e-brake on for about 20+ minutes of driving.  I haven't done that in long time and the last time I did that there wasn't a problem after I realized it.

So the questions is: what to look for in the braking system?  I've never really done much brake work as I've never trusted myself with it before and I'm always using my time fiddling with the engine.

I'm guessing I'll get some pressure back after a few hours of cooling, but I'm not going to rely on that.
I imagine the brake shoes quite a bit of life taken out of them as well.
How about the lines?  I'll look for ruptures and leaks around the fittings.

Did the heat get bubbles in the fluid?  How do I go about checking that?

Anything else I should check?



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