[T2] Sometimes I'm a bonehead

raceingcajun raceingcajun at communicomm.com
Tue Dec 10 05:36:15 MST 2013

Sounds like you "boiled" the brake fluid, due to the heat build up. Common 
in these happenings. Although you have a good peddle now, I would: inspect 
the rear shoes for wear, Check the wheel cyclinder boots for heat damage and 
pry the boots away from the cylinder to look for leakage, and adjust or 
replace as needed. Also since the brake fluid should be changed as a 
maintenance item anyway, I would flush it. The book says every two 
years,.........but who does that, or even knows to do it at those 
Reason for the change, while brake fluid has cooled and recovered, it is 
"Hydroscopic" and when it gets contaminated it lowers the boiling point and 
the effectiveness, this also permotes corrosion! Remember the boiling point 
of water is 212' f !


<Subject: Re: [T2] Sometimes I'm a bonehead

<The brakes seem servicable now. Lots of travel in the e-brake lever, but 
the bus stops well and the brake fluid level in the reservoir is fine
<I'll try to adjust the rear brakes later as that should be fairly easy.

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