[T2] Sometimes I'm a bonehead

Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 21:16:11 MST 2013

Racin' Cajun quoth:
>while brake fluid has cooled and recovered, it is "Hydroscopic"

	Is that a word?  Us pedants will insist the term you mean is 
hygroscopic - absorbing water from the vapour in the air.  This water 
dissolved in glycerine or more modern brake liquid degrades 

>  and when it gets contaminated it lowers the boiling point and the 
>effectiveness, this also permotes corrosion!


>  Remember the boiling point of water is 212' f !

	The temp to boil the water out of water-loaded brake fluid is 
higher than that.  But once too much water has been absorbed, boiling 
it out as described is better than leaving it there.  Better still, 
as Caj urged, flush thru at least most of the liquid with new (termed 

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