[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

Christophe Guilbert cguilbert at picasso.ucsf.edu
Thu Dec 12 10:25:17 MST 2013

Hi guys ,

Sorry to bother you but the more I read (3h) about engine break in , the 
more I am confuse.
I am ready to break in my engine and was wondering if I should use some 
oil additive (Lucas break-in oil additive rich in ZINC in my case to 
protect my camshaft) during the first 20 minutes of running ? I have a 
2.0L with hydraulic lifters
I also bought a cheap 5-30W oil for the first 20minutes break-in 
(intuitively) thinking that a thin oil will lubricate and penetrate 
faster in my engine than a 20-50W oil . I guess its a true assumption 
but what's the downside ?

What do you guys think

Thanks for any help.

Chris, vanagon 1983

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