[T2] two questions SP into DP bus

raceingcajun raceingcajun at communicomm.com
Thu Dec 12 16:58:05 MST 2013

I think what you are seeing is a port for the De-celebration valve. If so it 
is about 1/4 inch "OD" with a 1/8 inch "ID". While this is manifold vacuum, 
I don't think in would have enough volume to work the power brake booster. I 
think "EMPI" at one time made a "spacer block" with a large port about 1/2 
inch "ID". If it is no longer available, one would be simple to make.

ps: Volkswagen made a intake manifold with a brake booster, nipple on it


>Subject: [T2] two questions SP into DP bus
> #1  Is there any reason not to use this for the brake booster?
> #2  Why is the nipple there in the first place?

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