[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 12 17:36:34 MST 2013

Buy a good quality 20W50, 15W40, or 30 weight Chris, not cheapo, and not thin.  If you have packed the pump well with petrolam, you will be good, if you didn't I'd pull it, pack it and reinstall or rig a pressure pot pre-oiler.  I don't know the Lucas product, I would trust a double dose of ZDDPlus in a regular oil, or use a quality honest to god $10-12/qt high ZDDP break in oil.

Watched an episode of Fast and Loud a couple weeks ago where the idiots tried to cheap out on break in oil with a locally available additive (which they didn't show of course but might well have been a Lucas product as not much else is around locally) and it took out the cam and lifters on the $4000 engine within 25 minutes of run-in.

Breakin you need the BEST oil you will ever run in the engine, from there you can go cheaper.  Interestingly for a local alternative, the Brigg's and Stratton oil sold in the mower section has good reported (on bobistheoilguy) levels and usually analyzes a bit thinner than it specs, so that might be a more reasonable choice, I bought a crapload of it 2 years ago when Walmart sold it out for the season, but I'd still toss a thing of ZDDPlus in as things might change in a bottle so you never know.  All Valvoline "RACING" is also a good choice, but again I'd still do a single shot of ZDDPlus during break-in.


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Subject: [T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

Hi guys ,

Sorry to bother you but the more I read (3h) about engine break in , the 
more I am confuse.
I am ready to break in my engine and was wondering if I should use some 
oil additive (Lucas break-in oil additive rich in ZINC in my case to 
protect my camshaft) during the first 20 minutes of running ? I have a 
2.0L with hydraulic lifters
I also bought a cheap 5-30W oil for the first 20minutes break-in 
(intuitively) thinking that a thin oil will lubricate and penetrate 
faster in my engine than a 20-50W oil . I guess its a true assumption 
but what's the downside ?

What do you guys think

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