[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

raceingcajun raceingcajun at communicomm.com
Thu Dec 12 20:55:09 MST 2013

I used to work at a GM dealer long ago, and found a product GM recommended 
for engine break in their shops.......Its called "EOS", stands for "Engine 
Oil Supplement". It was sold in quart can's, I think it was about $6.00 a 
can back in the stone age. One can was enough, and you just drained the oil 
after the break in was over.

I never had a failer that I know of during the 6 month shop warranty and 
way. Of course the engine life expectancy was 50,000 75,000 miles back then.

It was used in all rebuilds or short block jobs. It was also used in 
standard transmission and differential  rebuilds.

I don't know if anyone remember "Smoky Unick", Top flight NASCAR 
owner/driver/engine builder. In his book "Best Damn Garage in town". He 
recommended, lightly buffing cam lobes with 1000 grit sand paper, using 
kerosene instead of water as a lube while "buffing/sanding".

He's the one that had a Hudson hornet with the engine rotating backwards by 
regrind the cam  The reason, on the high bank racetracks of the day, by 
running the engine backwards the torque would bury the right side tires, so 
you didn't have to completely lift in the corners!

How he got caught you ask? He had to put the fan on backwards so it would 
still draw air at slow speeds


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