[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 13 13:33:01 MST 2013

Actually though I'd say, that I would use Brad Penn if I could get it reasonably, but here in AK I've been using the ZDDPlus because it is easier to ship.

I do want to clarify, to me a 1/2 bottle of ZDDPlus is a full dose for 4 qt, again per bobistheoilguy and multiple analysis, this will boost regular ole todays oil which starts with Zn and Phos in the 600-700 ppm range up to about 1300ish which is fine for routine running.  I use a full bottle for break in, which gets you to 1600-1800ish levels.

Too MUCH is a problem, over 2500-3000 you can actually have increased sudden wear, so you are shooting for optimal.  Reading in the past I've only ever seen ZDDPlus and the GM EOS additive extensively analyzed, and the EOS was much more expensive last time I looked.

I would get Brad Penn if I could get it up here locally for even $15/qt or so for breakin, but since I can't I tend to use Rotella 30wt or the Briggs and Stratton 30wt, with the ZDDPlus, because I buy it off ebay in the 20 qty and they ship free.  Haven't had a failure yet, but I've only built 4 flat tappet motors since being here, 1 Chevy,1 T4, 1 Kubota, and 1 Ford.  Somewhat limited experience.  Again you can find Blackstone analysis of about any oil on bobistheoilguy with extensive comparisons between various breakin oils, and I feel comfortable with this, but YMMV.  Certainly if I were still in WV, I'd probably be using the Brad Penn.


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John Anderson is correct. Buy the best SPECIFIC break-in oil you can afford.

I use Brad Penn 30 weight break-in oil for several years.
 It is specific to
flat tappet cam engines.

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