[T2] turn flasher/clicker

Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 16:33:21 MST 2013

	To indicate R turn, everything still works fine, incl a loud 
click which I can hear (whereas the corresponding part in my car I 
can often not hear).
	But trying to indicate L turn evokes only a rude noise which 
I'm thinking of recording and then selling as an MP3 to the producers 
of, say, Renn + Stimpy.  And the L-turn lights flash at c.10 Hz in 
approx time with this buzzing.
	Is the turn flasher/clicker a 'double' device, allowing one 
side to fail like this, or is it a 'single' device incapable of such 
bias?  Or could the L-turn fault be caused by a corroded connection 
to one or both of those lights?

Robt Mann
Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
'73 VW 1600dp Devon camper
'53 Meteor V8
various Jawa-CZ and Jawa-NZ strokers

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