[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

doktortim at rockisland.com doktortim at rockisland.com
Sat Dec 14 12:34:13 MST 2013

If possible, stay away from additives. And it is possible with commonly
available oil of the shelf. One is Valvoline VR-1. It has a high ZDDP
package, and is designed for the common flat tappet racing engines
typically used in ultra high powered blown US V-8 engines at the racing
venues. As well, specifically designed for high heat resistance, and our
engines being air cooled do run at higher temps typically than the water
cooled stuff.

It is good to go for our Air Cooled engines, both as break in oil and for
daily use. The detergent package is not designed for road use, so just
change it more often. How often? Before it gets dirty, whatever that is
for your use.

VR-1 is not the only one available with these specific design criteria,
but it is more available at most local FLAPS than any others I know of. It
also costs only a buck or so more than the lesser common oils that will
not do what are engines need.

The only other thing I would do in a new build is apply just a thin smear
of any specific cam protective lube during the building process.

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