[T2] engine break in oil additive (ZINC rich) advise

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 14 12:41:46 MST 2013


The T4 cam is a notoriously bad wearing cam/lifter combo, even 25 years ago with good ole oil, today I always use it.  That said, 1000's of Bus and Vanagon owners I'm sure just go to quicky oil change places and mostly they do just fine, and millions of still in service flat tappet Fords and Chevys.  If break in is good (or was 20 years ago when those Chevys were first put in service) we are realistically probably talking the difference between 80-100k out of your cam vs 150-200k.  Since you with a T4 in a Vanagon are going to usually have head failure long before, practically doesn't matter.

But ZDDPlus is cheap to add at the 1/2 bottle/4qt ratio per oil change so I add it to all my flat tappets, my T4's, my 1600s, my '94 Chevy, my Kubota, heck I even run it in my vintage FWD VW's with big ole OHC contact surfaces, because, well, why not.  If you get a 20 pack, it is admittedly pricey up front, but at $7-7.50 per bottle, you are only talking $3-4 to each oil change and able to use your choice of local oil, to me usually the Rotella 30wt from Walmart, which ends up cheaper than running a $7/qt specialty oil.

But in reality it is break in that is crucial, and optimal vs real world is your choice.  For $4/change I'd just as soon do it as risk having to re-do it earlier than I would expect to need to.


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Thanks guys for all your advice.

I find a dealer selling Brad Penn 20mm from my place , I am on my way. 
Thanks to Brad Penn locater website 
Now my next question is: what after the 20mm break-in with Brad Penn ? 
Should I  use ZDDPlus for the (after break-in) following 1000 miles, 
should I use this additive anyway during the engine life ?

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