[T2] Hankook RA08s: Wow!

Roger Lemberg phroggie at ieee.org
Sat Dec 14 13:10:59 MST 2013

For the last thirty years I’ve been driving around (OK, most of that time PB sat in the garage) on bias ply tires I got at Winston Tires(!). I was expecting them to blow up at any moment.

I finally bought real Hankook RA08s. The difference is amazing. Instead of being buffeted around by irregularities in the pavement, the bus feels almost like a normal car. The skittishness is gone. (Skittishness? More like a pregnant cow on roller skates.)

On a side note we weren’t sure what the pressure should be so they put 35psi all around. Driving it home, it felt like I had power steering the touch was so light. Once I got the pressure to 30psi in front it felt just right.

So if you’re still driving around on whatever, believe me: the reenforced sidewalls are not just for heavily loaded buses. They make an immense difference at any load.

Phroggie and his Phrogbus
(1970 Sportsmobile conversion)
Northridge, CA

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