[T2] Flywheel felt

Michael Howe dedhammike at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 13:19:30 MST 2013

Any advise on getting the flywheel felt to fit into the flywheel on my
1700.  Got the 111 105 311 from bus depot.  According to Bentley diagram,
it should fit on the clutch side of the flywheel.  There appears to be a
race of sorts for the felt to fit in, but outside diameter seems too big.
 Would have better luck getting it to fit behind the "race", near the
needle bearings, but that doesn't seem right.  Does soaking it down first
with oil help it mold into place, or will it just disintegrate?

Thanks for any input.

By the way, what should I use to lube the clutch splines?  Was thinking a
light coat of Lubriplate?

Mike Howe
dedhammike at gmail.com

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