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I had a similar issue with my 1967 bug.  When I let off the gas the arm
didn't return to the idle position, despite a newer spring and properly set
cable, causing the engine to rev very high.  It went away sometimes when I
stomped on the gas pedal, however not all the time.  The barrel nut that
the throttle cable is inserted into on the carburetor linkage arm wound up
having a groove worn into it over the past 47 years.  After sourcing a
replacement and lubing it there haven't been any issues.  Then again it's
only been driven thrice since the replacement.

On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 4:23 PM, John Anderson <wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Yeah and the problem can be binding of the shaft in the body, or the
> external linkage.  The cad plating on some 32/36 also seems an
> instantaneous corrosion magnet, so the problem can even be an external one
> causing binding, or one with corrosion of shaft to body.  But I agree for
> sure with the thoughts presented, smacks of either cable/ primary linkage,
> or linkage on the secondary.  The quick jab lets the return spring pop
> something back closed a bit better than a slow letoff does.
> John
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> LB,
>      On progressive carbs, check that the secondary is closing all the
> way.  Especially if the carb has sat unused for some time, that linkage can
> become sluggish.  Only takes a tiny opening in the secondary throttle plate
> area to raise the idle quite a bit.  Closes with a snap but not when slowly
> closed is a classic symptom.
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