[T2] what went wrong?

Ric Jablonski ricjablonski at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 16:29:42 MST 2013

Please let this be a "what was I thinking DUhh" moment!

Engine out of a running 69. SP 1600.

Put into 71 camper.  Started idled ok. Little rough.

Drove around 1/2 mile, power poor, figured I check the timing and valves.
Backed it out of the shop to work on the doors and coughed a bit then died.
Turns over fine, will not fire. Gas fine. Put timing light on and got a two
random  flashes when tried to start, then nothing.

Pulled coil wire -No spark from coil. Test light shows power to pos site of
coil when key on.

Wired in new coil. Nothing.

Dizzy is a svda with compufire pointless. Put in spare 009, condenser wire
to neg coil post. Nothing.

What am I missing here? Help this brain dead brother out!

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