[T2] what went wrong?

Ric Jablonski ricjablonski at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 18:24:15 MST 2013

Update: Put in new points and is was well. Actually running so well, did
not try to change out the compufire stuff in the SVDA, just going to use
the 009 for now. Is there a way to confirm the compufire is shot?

THANKS for all the help!

There is however now another issue now that I am rolling. :-(  I am getting
pretty low growling grindy noise noted as the clutch is released. It goes
away as I get moving and petal is all the way out. I can not hear it when
clutch out and moving at slow RPMs, so do not* think* that it is tranny
related, but is not heard when the clutch is pressed and released with the
bus in neutral. Same TO bearing used in the 69, and was not making any
noise in that bus. I'l remind that this bus has not been driven in years,
and the tranny fluid was about 3/4 quart low before I drove it.

Any ideas?

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 6:29 PM, Ric Jablonski <ricjablonski at gmail.com>wrote:

> Please let this be a "what was I thinking DUhh" moment!
> Engine out of a running 69. SP 1600.
> Put into 71 camper.  Started idled ok. Little rough.
> Drove around 1/2 mile, power poor, figured I check the timing and valves.
> Backed it out of the shop to work on the doors and coughed a bit then died.
> Turns over fine, will not fire. Gas fine. Put timing light on and got a two
> random  flashes when tried to start, then nothing.
> Pulled coil wire -No spark from coil. Test light shows power to pos site
> of coil when key on.
> Wired in new coil. Nothing.
> Dizzy is a svda with compufire pointless. Put in spare 009, condenser wire
> to neg coil post. Nothing.
> What am I missing here? Help this brain dead brother out!

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