[T2] fuel injector plug issueS - need help !

Christophe Guilbert cguilbert at picasso.ucsf.edu
Fri Dec 20 12:48:27 MST 2013

Hi ,
On my Vanagon 1983 CA harness, the fuel injector plug has 2 wires. one 
goes on the ECU plug , the other one goes on the relay side.
Does those two wires has polarity ? . Both wires have a specific tag 
numbers. I assumed that all the wires going to the ECU plug end up in 
the same side of the injector plug and the same with the double relay on 
the other side, but when checking my harness, I find out that they could 
be switch. Did I make a mistake when replacing my injector plug ? does 
side matter ?

BTW , can you guys point me to a human headache less (especially when I 
have flue)  FI harness diagram. One of the reason is also that on the 
Bentley ( page 244 - fig 10.53) , fuel injector cyl 3 should be 
connected to terminal 88e which should be connected back to terminal  29 
of the ECU plug. I don't have this last one (88e to terminal 29 of ECU) 
! do I read the correct diagram for the California 1983 harness ?

Thanks for any help and happy holiday everyone.


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