[T2] turn flasher/clicker - an easy solution

Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 13:57:51 MST 2013

	Thanx to those who pointed out that this one-side-only fault 
could not be in the 'clicker'.
	The last-mentioned notion below turns out to be correct.  I 
removed the powdery corrosion off the base of the L rear 
turn-indicator bulb with a nail-file, and everything was back to 
	Conclusion: a high resistance on one side can cause that side 
to flash v fast and the 'clicker' to make a rude noise; and sometimes 
that resistance is no more than readily-removed oxide powder on the 
bulb base.

	Sometimes solutions are easy!

Blessings to all on the happiest day of the year

Robt Mann
Whangaparaoa, New Zealand
'73 VW 1600dp Devon camper
'53 Meteor V8
various Jawa-CZ and Jawa-NZ strokers

>To indicate R turn, everything still works fine, incl a loud click 
>which I can hear (whereas the corresponding part in my car I can 
>often not hear). 
>	But trying to indicate L turn evokes only a rude noise which 
>I'm thinking of recording and then selling as an MP3 to the 
>producers of, say, Renn + Stimpy.  And the L-turn lights flash at 
>c.10 Hz in approx time with this buzzing.
>	Is the turn flasher/clicker a 'double' device, allowing one 
>side to fail like this, or is it a 'single' device incapable of such 
>bias?  Or could the L-turn fault be caused by a corroded connection 
>to one or both of those lights? 


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