[T2] Brake fluid on 71 bus

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Mon Dec 30 21:48:36 MST 2013

From: "Jim Muir" <JimM at polarisinvest.com>
>I recently replaced the master cylinder, front calipers, and rear wheel
> cylinders.  In spite of considerable pumping of the brake pedal, I am
> not getting fluid to the right rear cylinder.  All others are fine.  Any
> ideas?

Its been a while since I worked on a 71 specifically.. but iirc, there is 
one line front to rear, then a T to each rear wheel... so If you are getting 
fluid to the rear,, it will go to both.
take the lines off the T.. see if fluid is present....
take the lines off the wheel cyl.. see if fluid is present..
once you get fluid in all sections,, you can start to bleed the air ..

remember to keep the reservoir full of fluid,,

you can use a bleeder vacuum pump....


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