[T2] Rear Bumper Weld Nuts

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Tue Dec 31 19:00:27 MST 2013

From: "Michael Howe"
> Any ideas on repairing broken weld nuts for rear bumper attachment on 73+
> bus?  Frame is closed in so no easy way to get nut in w/o cutting.

 if someone says the bolts
are rusted and receiving nuts gone, tell them to drill out the holes and
drill a hole into the side of the frame large enough to be able to fit a
bolt and washer into it to drop through the hole to attach the new nut .  I
hope this makes some sense.  The hitch fits  perfect.  Thanks.Rick Haynes
: "Rick & Dona Haynes" <haynesdr_at_comcast.net>

I have seen a small slot cut in the frame where the weld nut goes.. and a 
short flat bar with a nut welded to it.. slide in thru the slot

also... hitch makers have nuts with weld wire attached,, so you drop the nut 
into the frame cavity,, then wiggle it into place with the wire,,

or they have fishwire for bolts, and you put the bolt into the frame so it 
sticks out like a stud,, and you thread the nut on..

all the above require a small hole to be put to get into the frame cavity..

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