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Tue Jun 4 08:48:01 MST 2013


I am giving thought to selling my 71 Westfalia and thought I would inquire
about a suggestive price.

It has minimal rust as it was a west coast bus until about 6-7 years ago.

It is not perfect but looks and performs well.

There is a bit of nose damage on the lower front end.

I'm guessing its been that way for years.

I have owned it for 4 years.

I have looked after any maintenance item that has come along.

What I haven't done myself has been repaired by Dick's Auto Hause in
Queenstown Maryland.

I have all records from my ownership and also from the last person.

I also have letters and photos from the owner just prior to the last.

The bus runs and drives great.

It is loved and appreciated by everyone who sees it.

I have two Beetles and this bus as my toys but have recently bought a beach

So I don't see me doing much camping for a while and I am just looking for

I guess I could just drive it around but wondering if I should let it go
where it would be used for its intended purpose.

Appreciate suggestive values.



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