[T2] Cleaning the van/prepping for paint - underside - a bit long

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Tue Jun 4 09:17:35 MST 2013

Hi Chris,


Reading through your post - and had some feedback-

As for plates for attaching seatbelts, I got some from Juliano's Interior
Products. They sell a seat belt anchor kit, where they have rolled the edges
on some heavy steel, with a nut attached. It also come with the bolt for
attaching it. I used these for installing belts in the back seat of my '65.
I wanted belts for the 'car seat' for my kid. It is a pain in the butt
trying to get the thing cranked down tight, as the foam is so thick there. 


As for thoughts on an undercoating - I'm leaning towards Rust Veto 342. I
got a 5 gallon drum a couple months ago, and was waiting for warmer weather
to apply. I agree about the rubberized undercoating - I would not use it.
Too easy for it to trap moisture. Thus rust veto 342 is like a waxy
substance you spray on. It flashes off whatever is used to make it
sprayable, and leave a waxy coating. I think you need to reapply every 18
months or so-depending on weather and use. But if you ever need to do work,
or want to get at the metal underneath, it washes off with some solvent.


I have not tried it yet, hopefully the month of June I'll be trying it out.


Rhino Skin for undercoating - I would not use. The PO of my singlecab used
that or something like it for the bed. Some of the edges are peeling up. I
talked to an installed about it-they suggested just gluing down the edges,
otherwise you need to totally strip it off. 


Given the near impossibility of properly prepping every nook and cranny of
an old bus - I don't imagine anything like this will last. 


-Kevin Guarnotta

Jamaica Plain, MA


'78 Westy

'69 Singlecab

'65 Ez-camper



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