[T2] Ignition cylinder woes

Paul saulsbury at cox.net
Wed Jun 5 19:23:10 MST 2013

Good evening volks,
      71 Dormobile clone and I finally had the motor rebuilt after 3 years of sitting.  Stock 1600 with points and generator.   My problem is when I first turn the key usually the starter won't make a sound.  Once in a while I hear a real light clunk like the solenoid is trying but that's it.   So what it takes is rotating the key back and forth almost violently to get the starter to fire up and it's getting worse.

Changed the starter and replaced the battery with no fix. Also replaced the battery and recleaned the ground strap.  Would the list experts suspect the voltage regulator due to the bus sitting for 3 years or the dreaded lock cylinder?  

Any ideas would be great!


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