[T2] curiouser and curiouser

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Wed Jun 5 19:38:59 MST 2013

well... apparently you don't drive "conservatively"  .. <grin>
if you did.. you would get 30 mpg...

seriously, ..
my neighbor can't figure out why he gets 10mpg, and his wife gets 18mpg in 
the same vehicle...
recently.. I pointed out that he lets it warm up in the winter for 30 
minutes [15 min in the summer] before he drives away.. he tells me that is 
much better for the longevity of the engine... and I know his wife rushes 
out to the vehicle... starts ,, and drives away... cause I usually say.. oh 
oh,, your husbands home!

Bob Said...
> I drive very conservatively,, lots of hills and stop lights/signs I live 
> in a major city
> , John Dillon wrote:
>> I doubled the mpg on my 60 by changing my driving style.

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