[T2] curiouser and curiouser

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Thu Jun 6 06:33:18 MST 2013

On Wed, 5 Jun 2013, Jamie wrote:

> well... apparently you don't drive "conservatively"  .. <grin>
> if you did.. you would get 30 mpg...

LOL, my bus is HEAVY what with the drop floor and all, I've had it weighed 
at over 4200lbs... it has an auto tranny (only 3 speeds)... I live in a 
major city... it is a hilly major city... and there are stop signs and 
traffic lights everywhere.

I get 28mpg on my wifes Honda.  she can only get 26 on a good day

> my neighbor can't figure out why he gets 10mpg, and his wife gets 18mpg in 
> the same vehicle...
> recently.. I pointed out that he lets it warm up in the winter for 30 minutes

I only let it warm up til the AFR guage functions if that long, about 

it has synthetic oil and tranny fluid and final drive fluid.

rolls freely will drift on an almost imperceptible grade.

I live on a hill.,


over 1Million miles driving experience many driving commercially

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