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On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, Jim @ WetWesties wrote:

> Might I suggest that if you’re tracking your fuel mileage, you start 
> recording it at www.fuelly.com? Help increase the knowledgebase so as to 
> speak....

checked out the site and is interesting.
but I keep the records for the current year in the van itself which makes
it hard to keep up to date.


I keep my records in three places. Book in the buses. Excel spreadsheet on 
the desktop and entry in Fuelly. It really doesn't take that long  (5 
minutes?) and it does contribute to the global knowledge.

How'm I doin'? Look it up. Now you know what folk in the real world with the 
same rigs are getting. What's a 66 bus get? About 19 mpg. If there were more 
of them, we'd all have better data.


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